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The Top Techs California Family Welcomes You to get to know us a bit more.

We're Systems Administrators bringing over 15+yrs of experience. We're passionate about technology, customer service, reliability, timeliness, attention to detail, with a focus on Linux, InfoSec, FinTech, and Cryptographic Encryption Technologies We have affable personalities, with a skill in active listening. Top Techs California LLC appreciates working in technology, as we feel it intersects with our interests and where we would like to be in our careers. Our company Top Techs California LLC has been providing Technical Services and Software Development with a focus on Linux, InfoSec, FinTech and DoD standard encryption. Prior to working in the field myself and my partner where the families go to Systems Administrators. The Top Techs California LLC family is actively involved in community outreach we like to give back through charitable donations, volunteering and direct community outreach. We feel a need not just to provide infrastructure services in technology but an infrastructure for improvement across America and the Global Community. We support Eco Friendly Technology such as; Wind, Water, Solar Power systems and provide in house knowledge for the installation and implementation of green eco friendly alternative energy infrastructure grids for developing communities and nations. We also have expertise in sustainability technologies for a greener brighter future. Our staff is also passionate about Cryptocurrency having supported the technology since 2013 our company is devoted to the development and improvement of the overall security, reliability, fluidity, and streamlined functionality of the FinTech sector within Central Banking, Financial Investment, Real Estate, and Crypto Currency markets. Please check us out on the web at use our instant chat feature, request a quote, or call us today at 1-877-TECHSCO opt. 1 as always Top Techs California LLC "Helping You Stay Up-to-date Without the Headache"

Now offering VoiP, 1800, Web Hosting, Cloud Hosting, Domain Registrations and more. Top Techs California has a devoted team that believes the best experience comes from being the Top Talent.

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